It's possible to live with more peace...

It's possible to live with more authenticity

Come move with courage to the life that's true to you

Sometimes the roles and expectations we take on stretch us far outside of who we really are.

We get to adulthood and forget how to stand strong in our true self, our strengths, our uniqueness, how to choose for ourselves, how to be alone, and how to care for our own needs instead of the needs of others.

How this might show up for you:

  • Knowing something needs to change, but not sure what or where to start

  • Feeling out of touch with yourself - other’s voices have become louder than your own

  • Feeling that your current life doesn’t match your true self, even though you might forget who your true self is.

  • Unsure of your strengths and not feeling solid in yourself.

  • Unsure how to bring your true self to your roles or relationships.

  • Feeling that your roles or relationships take priority over yourself and your needs.

  • Feeling like there’s no time for yourself, feeling guilty taking time for yourself, or unsure what to do with time with yourself.

  • Feeling that you need to come back to your inner peace.

Sound familiar? You've come to the right place!

Through connecting more deeply to who you are, you will notice decision making, stress and happiness management, and roles and relationships all become easier. You find yourself prioritizing what matters the most to you, and choosing actions that reflect who you want to be in the world. You will feel empowered and strong as you take actions to create the life that makes more sense to you.

This is how Move with Courage Coaching can help

Welcome, glad to have you here.

I am Coach Tina, Life coach and owner of Move with Courage Life and Education coaching.

My mission is to help people strengthen their connection with their self and to reclaim their inner peace and courage.

I bring my values of Kindness, Humor, Knowledge, and Honesty to coaching sessions, and it is truly a joy to see my clients overcome obstacles and transform their life in the way they want!

What clients have said about coaching with

Move with Courage Life and Education Coaching:

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Move with Courage Coaching can help you to:

  • Reconnect with your personality, needs, values, and how to align them with your current life

  • Become aware of your strengths and learn to lean into them

  • Create space and actions to meet your needs, follow interests, and cultivate happiness

  • Define yourself away from your roles and relationships

  • Manage your thinking and emotions to bring you and your relationships more peace

  • Gain clarity on where to focus your efforts to bring about lasting change

  • Discover and choose courage to take your first action steps towards the life you want

  • Create and sustain inner peace

I believe that our connection and relationship with our self informs all other relationships and connections we have.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope to hear from you soon. All the best, Tina

Ways to work with me:

Life Coaching

1:1 Coaching for kind and growth minded professionals.

Education Coaching

1:1 learning and organizational coaching for collegiate level and post graduate students.

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Self paced courses on topics related to Move With Courage Coaching Philosophy

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